Why Health, Wealth, and Happiness?

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

We all have dreams, and for most people they are just that – dreams. Haven’t we all been there? But, some with real determination continue pursuing their dreams and bring them to reality. You can, too.

We know, we’ve been there, also. On these pages, we offer advice and guidance on how to create the life you have dreamed of. Remember, the journey of 10,000 miles starts with the first step.

It may be hard to accept, but where we are right now is the result of what we have or have not done to this point in our lives. In other words, we can’t blame anyone else for our life’s disappointments.

Recognizing this is the first step toward gaining personal freedom. Learn to accept that whether by design or accident, you are responsible for where you are at the moment. After coming to gripes with this, you can begin to create the life of your dreams.

We have taken numerous paths in search of our “utopia.” We certainly have made our share of mistakes and taken many “wrong roads.” Our goal is to provide guidance so you can profit from our mistakes and stay on the “high road” toward achieving your goals.

Our plan is to give guidance in these three areas – health, wealth, and happiness based on our personal experiences and programs that have helped us move toward our dream life-style.

Have you developed your plan yet? You would not start out in Atlanta, Georgia to drive to Boise, Idaho without some maps. These provide a plan to guide you to your destination. Likewise, to develop a successful life plan you’ll need to create a plan of how to get there. Perhaps we can help.

Explore our pages and you’ll probably have questions which you can ask by using the reply section on various pages.

Many thanks for visiting and let’s get started with that first step – your plan, now!

Susan & Tom

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