Have you stopped to truly consider what makes one “happy?” Do you know  true happiness?  Many lead lives of what Henry David Thoreau   calls, “quiet desperation.”  What happened to the care-free happiness and exuberance  we knew as children?

As we reached our formative years, we were taught, you can’t do this or nice children don’t act like that.  In other words, our parents, teachers, and other role models began to mold and shape our personalities.  But, we should not blame them, they were following what they had learned and experienced from their parents and other role models, thus the cycle continues.

All I’ve stated was the norm for generations prior to that great technological development, television.  So, in today’s increasingly turbulent society, how can we regain total happiness?

We must decide for ourselves what we desire to be completely happy. We were not meant to live our lives in “quiet desperation” – we were meant to be happy, joyful people,  We were meant to have an inner peace that would help us weather the storms of life, be they good or bad.

But how many of us have that? I suspect that many of us, while not being truly desperate, still are not living life as we may have dreamed. Occasionally, we have brief glimpses of what life should be and we feel at peace with ourselves and our little corner of the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always last.

Our happiness should come from within.  True happiness cannot come from external things or sources.  While these external things may make us feel good, the feeling does not last, so we are constantly looking for new things and/or sources to keep the feeling going.  We become a hamster on a wheel, constantly seeking the next thing to make us happy, when the answer really lies within us.

We all have different interests and goals, so there is no universal panacea such as a “happiness pill” or class we can take.

If you would like to dig deeper into becoming increasingly happy, I suggest starting with an excellent book, Happy For No Reason by Marci Shimoff. She is credited with having “cracked the code” of being happy. And, her solid advice will enable you to experience unconditional happiness in your life — starting today!.


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