Fad Diets Don’t Work

OK, it’s time to think about an exercise program. I’m sure you know that exercise for weight loss is critical to your success. I know, I know, I can hear you groaning at the thought. It’s all very well and good to follow the eating part of you weight loss program, but exercise can be just as important.


Why is that? Remember the formula for losing weight? Burn more calories than you eat. Guess what? When you exercise, you burn calories faster. Exercise speeds up you metabolism (the rate at which you body burns calories) and, this increase in metabolism can continue for up to 6 hours after you exercise. How about that? Also, exercise helps strengthen you bones – especially important for women. It helps relieve stress, can give the cardiovascular system and lungs a good work out, and believe it or not, can be fun.

So what kind of exercise should you be doing? To some degree, that’s up to you. It will depend on several things:

If you are really overweight, exercising may be pretty limited until you can get some weight off. Talk to you doctor for ideas.

How much time do you have to exercise – I know we’re all busy, but work it in somehow. Park in far corner of parking lot at the mall. While you’re in the mall walk the whole thing. Take the stairs whenever you can. Take a short walk on your lunch break (just walk before you eat – your digestive system will thank you). Things like this do help.

What do you like to do – swim, walk, ride a bike, dance, do the ”Sweatin’ to the Oldies” video?

The main thing is to find a way to exercise that you enjoy doing. One of the easiest is to just go for a walk. If you are a total couch potato, start with a short distance and gradually increase your speed and distance. Get your friends or family to go with you. It will do them good too.

If walking isn’t your thing, or the weather is miserable, look into other ways to get yourself moving. Dance with the kids (they need exercise too), jump rope, do an aerobics video – use your imagination and come up with something you like doing.

Resistance training will help too. It helps build muscle (muscles burn more calories, remember), helps strengthen bones and tones up your body so you can avoid the flabby look as the weight comes off.

As you can see, exercise does not have to mean hours spent on a treadmill at the gym. Look at exercise as just part of your lifestyle changes to become a new, thin healthier you. Your attitude towards exercise for weight loss will have a large effect on how successful you will be.

So think positive and look for fun ways to get moving and burn the calories.


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