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A Brief Introduction:

Over time, we realized we deserved to live the life of our dreams, but it had somehow escaped us. We are an average couple who had spent years in the “get a good job with a good company and you’ll be set syndrome.” (Didn’t we all hear that growing up?)

So, we spent our time in the corporate world, chasing the dream. Tom worked in the financial world of regional and International banks and later had his own mortgage brokerage firm. Susan was a stay-at-home-mom while the children were young. Later, she earned a second degree in interior design and has done both residential and commercial design work. Also, she spent a number of years working as a life insurance underwriter.

One day, we woke up and realized that the old plan our parents taught us didn’t work. It was up to us to create the life we wanted, and not depend on a corporation to supply our financial security during our “golden years.” And, what about the stress that comes with most jobs these days (downsizing, jobs going overseas, increased workloads, etc.)? There had to be a better way!

As we thought about it, we decided there are three major areas we should focus on in building our dream life. These are:

The Health to enjoy life

The Wealth to do the things we desire for ourselves, families and communities.

The Happiness that comes from knowing that you are the best you can possibly be and are an inspiration to others.

We began looking for ANSWERS. We are reasonably intelligent people so we should be able to find the information we wanted, right?

Wrong – there is so much information out there (some good, some bad, and some downright ugly, and some just after your money) that it was hard for us to know where to start. In time, we found the resources to help us move forward toward our dream.

As we continued our journey, it occurred to us that other people might be searching for this information, also. What if all the information we found useful was in one place? Wouldn’t that save time and frustration for others looking to follow their dreams?

That’s why HWHetc was developed. Our goal is to build a one stop place for all of you looking to create your own perfect life. A place where you can find the tools to start you down the road to your dreams and keep you going ’til you reach them.

Thanks for stopping by – we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Wishes,

Susan & Tom

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