Healthy Eating – Where to Start?

OK, I know we all are aware our waistlines and general health would be better if we ate more healthy foods. But, the problem is, what is a more balanced and healthier way to eat?

You hear so much about this – white foods are bad, no red meat, raw foods are best, etc., etc. What do you believe?

That being said, let’s look at one way to get started on eating healthy without feeling too overwhelmed by all the advice out there.

A good place to start eating better is at the grocery store. The next time you’re there and ready to check out, look at what is in you cart. How much of it is junk food –, prepackaged or prepared food, sodas, high sugar “fruit drinks”, etc.? Are you aware how much of it your family was eating?

So a good way to better food choices is to cut out the junk food – chips, sodas, sugary cereals, sugary snacks and drinks that sound healthy but aren’t – the stuff that has little or no nutritional value. Next, start to eliminate packaged foods – frozen meals and side dishes, energy bars, packaged mixes, bottled spaghetti sauce, canned chili, etc. Yes these are quick and easy, but are they really healthy from a nutritional standpoint?

If you start reading the labels on these items, you may be in for a shock. You may find they are packed with salt, sugars, sugar substitutes, fats, salt, preservatives, and things with strange names that you’ve never heard of before. I don’t know about you, but this scares me half to death. Is this stuff really good for us and our families?

I know the manufacturers claim that they are healthy. But it is to their advantage to claim these products all have those nutrients, fiber, and vitamins, etc. And they probably do. But is there enough of the “good stuff” in these products to outweigh the bad stuff? Keep in mind, the main purpose of all the claims in those cute, catchy ads you see in print and on TV is to get you to buy the product.

Make getting rid of the junk food and processed foods with their empty calories the first step toward more healthy eating. Now you can start planning a healthy diet that works for you and your family.

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