Autoresponder Review

Can you conduct business on the Internet without an autoresponder? Most marketers claim you can’t. Why? Because an autoresponder is your e-mail link to communicating with customers and associates.Some hosting companies provide autoresponders as part of your hosting fee. But these services are very limited in what you can do and often put ads in your emails. So, this is one time when cutting corners may not be in your best interest.

Our recommendation? Sign up with one of the first rate autoresponders out there.

After trying several, we found Traffic Wave, and feel that for the money, they are the best choice around. Here’s why:

  • 30 day free trial that really is free – no credit card required.
  • Excellent delivery rate for your mailings
  • An “Adtracker” program – Track as many URLs as you want
  • One low monthly fee no matter how large your list grows. With others, the bigger the list the bigger the fee – often significantly.

What’s not to like? The benefits of the top autoresponders without the higher cost. Check it out by clicking here.

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