Why Lose Weight?

Can you relate to either of these situations when the subject of “why lose weight” comes up?

You know you should lose weight. But why? You feel pretty good, your family loves you the way you are, and your friends all tell you they don’t notice your weight because you have such an attractive smile and great personality. Plus, you’ve tried losing weight before and it made you grouchy and irritable and you felt starved and deprived and decided it wasn’t worth it. You’re happy the way you are, so why change?

Or, you aren’t happy with your weight and, on some level, you want to lose it. You’ve tried several times before and had some success. But then the weight stopped coming off so you quit. Then you gained all the weight back and then some. By now the thought of trying again just makes you feel defeated. And if you have a large amount of weight to lose, the challenge may seem insurmountable.

Well. let’s take a look at why losing weight is so important. First and foremost are the health issues. I know you’ve probably heard them before, but let’s just do a quick review of the major ones:

  • Greater risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke
  • Overweight people are more likely to have Type II diabetes
  • Increased risk of certain types of cancer
  • Increased breathing problems and asthma
  • Arthritis and bone disorders due to stress to the body’s skeleton
  • Overweight people are a greater surgical risk

These are just some of the problems that excess weight can cause. Also, the added out of pocket medical expenses for treating these conditions needs to be considered.

Then there are the self esteem issues that come with being overweight. The feeling of being unattractive, helpless about your weight, disgust when you look in the mirror, and hurt by comments about your weight. This can leave you with a very negative opinion about yourself and the world around you.

As you can see, there are many good answers to the “why lose weight” question. What are your reasons to lose weight? Are they strong enough for you to start a program of safe, permanent wight loss? Are you ready to lose that extra weight and keep it off?

If so, please check out our other articles to learn about the different aspects of weight loss and how they relate to the overall success of any weight loss program. Even if you aren’t quite ready to lose weight yet, check them out. They may give you some ideas that can help you succeed when you are ready.

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